Video analytics will allow you to digitize up to 100% of customers based on video recognition and ensure an increase in the average check even for a one-time purchase. No collection of biometric and personal data!

×2 Faster
Increase your average
Increase your purchases
Inflow of new customers

When you need to use
Computer Vision technology?


Increase sales


When you want know more about you customers and their habits in-store.
When you want to increase average bill of customers who are not members in your loyalty program.
When you want to maximize advertisement revenue in-store.

Megainsight Vision provides

1. Customers heatmap and analytics dashboard
2. Visual targeting and personalization
In real time or based on ready-made recordings from IP video cameras installed in your store, the service will analyze popular and unpopular shopping areas, and will also link this data with information about customers and their purchases. It will allow you to analyze the size of the average check of different categories of customers, depending on the location of the goods.
By integrating the IP video cameras installed in your store with our service, you will be able to target advertising images to the categories of customers you need, as well as provide a personalized approach to service in the store.

Customers heatmap
and analytics dashboard


Analytics in dynamics

Increase conversion

Spot detection


Visual areas

Allow to collect impersonal gender and age characteristics of customers. Depending on the location of the cameras, it’s possible to determine emotions.
Track interval changes of metrics for each area to understand the effectiveness of advertising.
Deep analytics for each trading area will allow you to understand its effectiveness and achieve the desired result.
Analysis of the most/least visited areas of the store depending on the types of customers.
Determining how customers move in the store through key retail areas to optimize merchandising.
Create areas and track the activity of customers in them, as well as gender and age parameters.

Examples of heatmaps

Visual targeting and personalization

Visual targening

Smart POS



Customers will see shown sales on checkout screens, targeted for different gender and age categories.
With Megainsight Vision the marketer creates interactive scenarios, turning regular POS into smart systems that can:
  • Display product information, up-to-date discounts, and promotions;
  • Play target advertisement content;
  • Collect quality assessments and feedback.
Analyzes customer reactions and gets metrics for relearning AI recommendation core.
Allow to collect impersonal gender and age characteristics of customers. Based on the derived metrics, the system suggests relevant targeted promo.

Examples of displaying targeted ads

How visual targeting
and personalization works




Detect the customer and determine the path of his movement through the store.
AI-core can predict the client's interest in certain goods/ services based on collected data.
Record non-personal (impersonal) data of the client, such as sex/age/mood/vehicle brand the client drove. Even determine a potential client's occupation.


Based on this prediction to display targeted advertising in the store on the screens or display it as tips on the cashier's monitor for up sales.

How Megainsight Vision works on-premise?

How Megainsight Vision works in cloud?

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Case Studies

General Fuller gas stations (GF) return up to 40% clients due to personal fuel and goods prices
ROI increase
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increase in marches per ton of fuel
+4 USD
RozaMira gas stations increased fuel realization up to 26% by clients who have falling demand
Increased fuel realization*
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increased weekly gain of new clients due to the ability to share coupons to friends
in 2 times
Resource-Oil fuel chain showed explosive growth of the loyalty program participants
Average week new customers growth
Average cross-sell growth
Active customers growth among digitized
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