Resource-Oil fuel chain showed explosive growth of the loyalty program participants

Current technologies and marketing approaches did not give the desired result and did not attract customers.

Business scale and background

Resurs-Oil is a 15 fuel stations chain in the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions, located both in large settlements, regional centers, and on highways, classic type and container filling stations without c-stores. High competition in the regional market compelled them to find a solution for fast digitization and growth of the client base.


Quickly digitize the customer base, identify price-conscious customers and form individual price proposals for fuel and goods without reducing POS prices.


Connecting to the platform and launching the Megainsight mobile application, which allows customers to quickly receive benefits right at the checkout and subsequently receive personalized offers for fuel and goods.


Megainsight mobile application provided opportunities for vigorous customer registration. Megainsight marketing platform empowered Resurs-Oil with promo campaigns and made it possible to market personalized coupons to drivers that could be easily redeemed.

Key benefits

According to the data from Resours-Oil and Megainsight company. Resource-Oil case shows that with the right approach to digitizing the customers and communicating with them, it is possible not only to significantly increase the customer database but improve the average basket value. The amount of engaged customers at fuel chains usually does not exceed 35%.
average week new customers growth
active customers growth among digitized
average cross-sell growth
ROI increase with Megainsight Platfotm
Net profit increased
Andrei Zarubin
CEO of the Resurs-Oil fuel chain
Megainsight service was launched at Resource-Oil fuel chain in July 2021. Our goal was to change the loyalty strategy and implement new technologies. We decided to eventually forgo discount cards with fixed discounts in favor of a virtual card with personalized offers. The new rules were delivered to the staff personnel, then customers were informed about new loyalty program benefits.
Additionally, customers' database and points history from a third-party loyalty program (UDS Game) was transferred to a new customized mobile application, 4500 prospects were added to our database simultaneously. Today we have a digitized customer database and an updated loyalty program with powerful mechanics that give us new opportunities to meet customer needs, to grow loyalty and boost sales.

Key cases of platform application in customer

Digitalizing customers via bonus motivation

Megainsight platform allows you to form coupons with an individual price for fuel and goods for registering in the mobile application. Сoupons can be one-time use or reusable within the adjusted period specified in the settings. After the training, the personnel offered new customers to install the application before payment and immediately apply a promo coupon with a special price. Coupons were valid for 7 days, so drivers get used to refueling at Resours Oil gas stations. As loyalty program members they made purchases with discounts, growing their basket values.

Defining price-conscious customers

Data analysis and customer segmentation made by Megainsight service helped Resours Oil to divide customers into similar groups, according to their consumption models and identify price-conscious ones. With these new possibilities, Resours Oil could not only promote coupons to the proper customers but even raise POS prices to save margin.

Virtual bonus card and cashback

Plastic cards? No need more! Resource-Oil fuel chain no longer applies them, leaving no chance for the customer not to download the mobile application. In the Megainsight application, it is enough to enter a phone number and confirm it via a call / SMS. One may not fill in the rest of the personal information if he is in a hurry. In this case, the application will remind the user to fill it out later. This significantly reduces the time for entering the client into the loyalty program and saves his nerves :)

Explore the product that has produced the result

Intuitive design with the quick launch, data caching , and geo-targeting allows you to focus the client's attention on the main thing - on personalized promotions.
783% ROI
3.5 M USD
ROI increase with personalized and automated promo marketing
Increase in related goods average check
Net profit increased (25 filling stations)
Customer return rate
ROI increase with Megainsight Platfotm
Net profit increased

New options with Megainsight service:

Unified customer management system

Control metrics

Pricing step by step

Customer acquisition through quick profit and coupon sharing

Formation of targeted proposals

Customized mobile application

Creation of a single place for storing and processing all client data, followed by deduplication and normalization. Convenient interface for forming target customer groups by consumption parameters for a task or hypothesis, depending on the needs of the company.
The ability to track key business metrics and their change dynamics for each target group of customers formed in the platform.
Transparent ROI analysis for each coupon, which allows you to form a client group among those who used it / did not use it for further impact and convert prospects into customers.
Personalized coupons are sharable in the mobile application. It means if you received a coupon, you can share it with a friend easily. Thus, friends immediately get into the loyalty system and come to the gas station.
Flexible functionality for creating holding shares in the form of coupons that can be linked both to a specific group of clients and individually to each client, depending on recommendations from machine intelligence.
A completely updated mobile application that allows you to communicate personally with customers and grow loyalty through gamification and personalized discounts.

Case Studies

General Fuller gas stations (GF) return up to 40% clients due to personal fuel and goods prices
ROI increase
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increase in marches per ton of fuel
+4 USD
RozaMira gas stations increased fuel realization up to 26% by clients who have falling demand
Increased fuel realization*
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increased weekly gain of new clients due to the ability to share coupons to friends
in 2 times
Resource-Oil fuel chain showed explosive growth of the loyalty program participants
Average week new customers growth
Average cross-sell growth
Active customers growth among digitized
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