This module is about collecting and analyzing consumer data from different sources of data. Build-in AI-core gives you smart predictions and recommendations for each customer, based on data. It allows you to enhance your personalized interaction with customers.

×2 Faster
Increase your average ticket by
Increase your purchase frequency in
Inflow of new customers up to

Megainsight Reco include

Data Warehouse

Promo engine

AI Personalization engine

This block is about collecting and analyzing customers data at certain intervals. We take the information from your CRM and make it easier to explore and manage. Whether you are a marketer, analyst or a product manager we help you to understand the data by structuring and visualizing. The data is being normalized and deduplicated as well at this block. This is the point where any marketing campaign starts.
This block of Megainsight platform helps you to plan promo campaigns. You need to name the campain, to add a period and choose mechanics. There are several promo mechanics you can leverage: discounts, referrals, bundlings and loyalty rewards. Choose channels and start the campaign, track the process at your private account and analyse visualized results.
This block helps you to think far and widely when planning campaigns with the help of our AI engine. Machine learning (ML) inserted into AI engine gives you smart predictions and recommendations, based on customers data to enhance your vision and empower to make quick decisions.
How it works
Aggregate data
AI-core "Reco" on the go
Create a 360-degrees profile
Aggregate data from your loyalty program, mobile app, website, CRM and other sources.
AI will tell you what promo campaign suits to what clients' group to reach maximum conversion and automatically contoll each promo campaign and retrain the system.
Build personalized communication strategy with each customer segment and measure the marketing strategy performance.
Create a 360-degrees profile for each customer and forcast which customers are price-dependent and which are not.
Calculate the profit
What’s always included
  • Personal approach to achive geate results
  • Integration with any of your existing systems if nessesuarry
  • Personal manager for 24/7 tecnical support
  • All available updates and new functionality
  • Consulting support with best practices from around the world
Implementation amount
Monthly payments
Potential profit/month
Specify the number of your stores
Specify the number of your digitized customers who made purchases in the last month.

Case Studies

General Fuller gas stations (GF) return up to 40% clients due to personal fuel and goods prices
ROI increase
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increase in marches per ton of fuel
+4 USD
RozaMira gas stations increased fuel realization up to 26% by clients who have falling demand
Increased fuel realization*
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increased weekly gain of new clients due to the ability to share coupons to friends
in 2 times
Resource-Oil fuel chain showed explosive growth of the loyalty program participants
Average week new customers growth
Average cross-sell growth
Active customers growth among digitized
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