Personalize offers for your customers

AI-powered platform for marketing automation in offline retail
Personalize offers
for your customers


will allow you to increase sales in stores by delivering the right promo, to the right customer, at the right time!
+ 700 %
+ 30 %
25 %
35 %
ROI increase with personalized and automated promo marketing
Increase in related goods average check
Average conversion of a marketing campaign
Average customer return rate
Build-in AI-core gives you smart predictions and recommendations for each customer, based on data.
A branded mobile application will provide personalized customer interaction with your brand.
Video analytics will allow you to digitize up to 100% of customers based on video recognition and ensure an increase in the average check even for a one-time purchase.
ROI increase with Megainsight Platfotm
Average conversion of a marketing campaign

Easy setup and fast results

Curious about pricing?
Average time from deal to go-live
Average time from go-live to benefits

Case Studies

General Fuller gas stations (GF) return up to 40% clients due to personal fuel and goods prices
ROI increase
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increase in marches per ton of fuel
+4 USD
RozaMira gas stations increased fuel realization up to 26% by clients who have falling demand
Increased fuel realization*
Ensuring customer return
Increase in average bill
Increased weekly gain of new clients due to the ability to share coupons to friends
in 2 times
Resource-Oil fuel chain showed explosive growth of the loyalty program participants
Average week new customers growth
Average cross-sell growth
Active customers growth among digitized
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