Service businesses and EV chargers win-win partnership
Approximately 120 million electric vehicles could be on the road by 2030 as reported by McKinsey and Company. Sales of EV cars will grow 10 times in 2030. It means the amount of electricity charging stations will grow and impact industries.
«Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets equipped with EV charges will attract people more than those without»
It is becoming a part of service nowadays. In return service businesses will be able to earn extra revenue because charging takes time, more than fueling. Moreover, companies can save their operational costs using charges for their inner purposes and their employees' demands.
But things are not so easy as they may seem. EV cars owners have several options to charge their cars today. First, and the cheapest way to charge is a home charger, many EV owners are homeowners as well, so it is the most reasonable option for them. Nonhomeowners are waiting for charges to be installed in the apartment blocks' parking. The second alternative is to charge at work because some companies offer the charging free to employees as a perk and to encourage green driving, but not many companies provide this convenience.
If you are on a trip here comes the last possibility: to use private charges.
There is a small number of public charges around Europe but the service is too low and the amount is too small to consider them. Gas stations do sell fuel at a profit, many try to get more of their profit from convenience stores, car washes, and other services. In effect, EV charging stations located with shopping or services may also use this approach.
There is a huge possibility to market products or services to potential customers in this additional dwell time. The smartest will accumulate data insights into chargings that can drive continuous improvement to customer experience.
Smart promo marketing services like Megainsight can help you to make more reliable decisions and to promote more accurately. Stay tuned.

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